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Page 2 - l;|j*t*9 wht#o\1=9t-2-t'l d",e"[email protected]

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b= ftr,\k. Y L n-FIa {/ - orc [email protected],, 4. Referto Exhibit 3-2.The atomat B is 5. Referto Exhibit 3-2. The atomat I) is Exhibit 3-3 x_ _l:_ Label the following pairs of compounds as: a. identical b. constitutionalisomers c. neither Place the letterof the correct answer in the blank. T* I"'* fi and fi cqH'r 6. c,,"/YtH* \"/'\cFb IUPAC Naming Instructions: Provide proper IUPAC names. dl"rl 7. Name: 4-d/^71-2,s,7-1nru,ilr,1/orl^* ^7', I r @ I (cH3),cHcH2cH2cH(cH2cH3)cH2c(cHj)3 '4 -02;4 -ni - *-oT 8. Name:6-isoproyvl'e-r*lhylo"do"a
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Unformatted text preview: l;|j{-, ,, '*t!*9*' wht( '#o \1=9t,**-2'-t, , 'l d",e"= @r/ Drawing Instructions: Draw sffuctures corresponding to each of the given names. 1 0. Draw : 4-(2,2-dibromoethyl)-3,5dichloroheptane 1 1. Draw: cr,s- 1 -sec-butyl-2-ethylcyclopentane I\J \7\ LJ "tLt @.-__ ! 'e<5 onlt'/ ocHJ C{t-c$-c Ha 9.Draw:4-isopropyl-6.erhyldecane+tJ.C-c|,-c*?-&r-r^-,l,-Lu-CH}-c/l"4 c\*t{3 cl I c|+-cl etd - cl+-tf, 6r{e- ?t{-Ar cl{j ch cJ+^- c N7...
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