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12. Draw: 1-chloro-2-isopropylcyclopentane Exhibit 3-4 Experiments have shown that for 1,2-dichloroethane, CICHzCH&|, in oarbon tetrachloride solufion at25 "C, 70Vo of f,te molecules are in the anti and3Aa/o we inthe gauche conformation. Refer to Exhibit 3-4. Draw a Newman projection of the gauche confo;qration of l,2dichloroethane. 6. sp', @'*Jr, \ r+uJxA"J \.Ll r "t^-J A* 14. Refer to Exhibit 3-6. The hybridization of this nitrogen atom (A) ir SP- Refer to Exhibit 3-6. The hybridization of this carbon atom (C) is SD l Draw 7 constitutional isomers of a cycloalkane with the formula Exhibit 4-1 Refer to the structure below to answer
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Unformatted text preview: the following question(s): *io'l q.'W\f "fu"A'td 18. RefertoExhibit4-l.Whichof thelabeledbondsinthestructu rearcequatorialbonds? ,+ l0 19. Refer to Exhibit 4-1. Which labeled bonds have a l,3-diaxial interaction with each "*.e i A Exhibit 4-2 13. 15. 16. 17. Name each of the isomers you drew. I @ (\/ @ )--l l/I-J r,,''fi.r./op "'{o* t,t7T"it"' [ ' ti I n , CyclobeVetu-\l/ A /\ /A\ t' l,?,3 - 1r,,*hh7l -Cyu/apnY-ne-a y_l , ffi** ,'-Hrr,- ,,#^-a+ c',yob,lohr"t crrhlwla,n For each substihrted cyclohexane below, draw its ring-flip isomer. Circle the most stable conformation....
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