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Page 4 - 20 Refer to Exhlbit 4-2(cH:c Tf = L(lt v...

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20. Refer to Exhlbit 4-2. (cH:):c Tf wtr Exhibit4.3 v (f$,c?+l) =L(lt,'/): -r$J= )(r,il= YJ/AI', The following question(s) refer to the sfucture of camphor shown below. H:C L,fu'\*l eil6?'s Zl. Referto Exhibit 4-3. Circle all bridgehead carbons in camphor. 72. Below are the two chair conformations of a 1,2,4-trimethylcyclohexane. strain in each conformer and predict which conformer is most stable. Estimate the amount of l,3diaxial * - cHr 23. In general, S-ailqyl substituents in l,3-dioxane exhibit a smaller equatorial preference
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