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Jeremy Doncouse LGLS298 Problem 1 page 74 10/19/2008 Problem 1 page 74: Where may Ellen bring her suit? According to jurisdiction and venue laws the plaintiff, Ellen, must have a standing to sue and the court must have jurisdiction to hear the case. In this case Ellen has a standing to sue because of her stake in the outcome caused by her injuries. Because the accident occurred in California and because of both the state’s long-arm statute and venue the case can be heard in California. Discuss the process Ellen would have to follow in order to fully litigate her claim. To fully litigate her case Ellen would be expected to follow 3 main processes and could possibly resolve the matter using alternative dispute resolution. The 3 main processes are: 1) the pretrial litigation process, 2) the trial, and 3) there may be a possible appeal. The pretrial litigation process can be broken down into the following major phases: pleadings, discovery, dismissals and pretrial judgments, and settlement conference. The pleadings are the paperwork that is filed to initiate and respond to a lawsuit. In the pleadings are the complaint, the answer, the cross-complaint, and the reply. The complaint names the parties to the lawsuit, alleges the facts, and contains a prayer for relief; in the answer the defendant admits or denies the allegations; the defendant can file
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week3-1 - Jeremy Doncouse LGLS298 Problem 1...

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