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Jeremy Doncouse LGLS298 Question 20.5, Page 504 11/09/2008 Question 20.5, Page 504: Mr. Hardison worked for TWA and converted to a religious belief that prohibited members from working sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. Mr. Hardison tried to resolve the issue with TWA by trading shifts and offering to work a four-day week but because of his low seniority in the union, no one would trade shift and TWA didn’t want to pay overtime for anyone to cover his Saturday shift. Mr. Hardison then sued TWA for religious discrimination in violation of Title VII. Did TWA’s actions violate Title VII? The EEOC guidelines require an employer to make reasonable accommodations to the religious needs of its employees unless those accommodations cause undue hardship to the employer. So, did TWA made reasonable accommodations, or should it have been required to do more? This is a loaded question because there is a union involved here. The union and TWA already have arrangements in place to establish a seniority system. Mr. Hardison was second from the bottom in
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