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Unformatted text preview: Jeremy Doncouse MGMT303 Case 1B April 26, 2009 How would you describe Ray Monroe’s overall attitude toward his business? Ray Monroe is a little too laze- fair. He’s had the education and experience but isn’t willing to go the extra mile in service, understanding his market segment, or in understanding his competition. How would you describe the industry and the competitive environment? The industry is overrun with competition. Everyone is small and businesses are generally passed down from generation to generation. The larger competitors with store-fronts typically cater to commercial business. Everyone is using the same boxed style of advertising and service so it is difficult to distinguish one competitor from another. Improvement strategy for AMLSS: AMLSS is not competing sufficiently because Ray is not offering 24 hour service which is one of the most important services to customers. Ray does not seem to have any system in place to track and monitor his sources of business. Also, he is spending money on both a beeper and a cell place to track and monitor his sources of business....
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