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Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Ethical Dilemma Chapters 1-3 03-01-2009 Chapter 1: 1) I think that students, of course, know the difference between school and real life. However, those who have relied upon cheating to get through school will continue to rely on cheating in the workplace. Cheating is one of those things that when the perpetrator is successful or gets caught but without serious penalty, then that person will begin to realize that the phrase “fake until you make it” really works. I’ve had a boss who falls right into that category. My ex-boss at American General Financial Services, Terry Bissoon, was once my colleague and was promoted after our old boss left for another job. After taking over I realized that Terry hadn’t learned how to be a manager, we were both manager trainees, even though he had been there for two years. He started off by relying heavily on me and I was happy to help him succeed. Unfortunate, he was just using me and began taking credit for all of my work to save face with the District Manager. Not only did he take credit for my work, but he also began to discredit me. So, finally when it came time for me to take a management position the District Manager refused to give the recommendation and I eventually left. 2) I don’t agree that people in general take shortcuts and bend the rules when under pressure. Yes, I’ve seen and known my share of rule breakers and cheater, but the ones who backslide to cheating are those who have taken shortcuts in the past and don’t have the knowledge base in order to succeed. I think that if someone has taken the time to learn and the pressure comes, then they need only rely on their expertise. 3) I would agree that one who has successfully relied on cheating today would, in fact, do so again in the future. The world is full of cheaters. So many people get by with bending the rules and others are often frustrated by the success of the cheaters that they feel like they have no other option but to do so themselves or they will be passed by someone who was willing to do the dirty deed. 4) In a recent report by ABC News it was discovered that half of the faculty members surveyed in more than
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week1 - Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Ethical...

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