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Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Week 2 Assignment Ethical Dilemma March 7, 2009 Chapter 4: 1) I don’t think it is ethically wrong to use medical equipment in advertising. It would be wrong if they were scanning people’s brains as part of medical procedures and then using that information in advertising. The kind of data we are talking about is voluntary. Although questionable, I don’t think it is wrong. Advertisers use our emotions, wants, needs, desires, and basic human nature to entice us to purchase products. Why not use information gathered from the brain directly to discover previously unknown connections between products and why we want them. According to Marco, M. (2007), what people say in focus groups and how they really think and feel are often two different things. I think that if this kind of research were effective, then it might make advertising more efficient. 2) I agree initially with the premise that if brain scanning is used for the stated purpose of advertising, then there is no immediate ethical dilemma. That being said, I think that this new technology can be used for both good and unethical ends. I think many of us have seen “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise where the government had the ability to see the future and locked criminals away before they could commit the crimes. This is the ethical dilemma of which people are concerned. According to Sample, I. (2007) on the subject of brain scans that can read a person’s intentions he describes a process in which a scanner is used to map and identify patterns of activity which can then be used to predict what a person is planning on doing in the near future. He also goes on to discuss the “Minority Report” scenario and says, “these techniques are emerging and we need an ethical debate about the implications, so that one day we're not surprised and overwhelmed and caught on the wrong
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week2 - Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Week 2...

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