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Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Ethical Dilemma March 14, 2009 Chapter 6: 1) It is difficult to imagine what to do in such a situation. Ms. Amarsingh definitely did not handle the situation appropriately, yet she was assaulted and battered. I think the best answer would be to have put Ms. Amarsingh on unpaid leave for a while, and begin requiring annual training for all employees in what to do in such situations. Maybe a lack of training led to Ms. Amarsingh’s reaction. If employees knew that the airline wouldn’t tolerate such behavior by customers and that the employees would be taken care of if they didn’t lose their cool, then perhaps the situation would have ended differently. 2) I think that she should be hired back, but without back pay. Ms. Amarsingh was not without fault and shouldn’t be rewarded for cursing at a customer. I agree that firing her is not right either. 3) Because Ms. Amarsingh reacted the way she did, then I don’t think the company should sue the customer. Yes, the customer committed assault and battery, yet Ms. Amarsingh also committed assault (Larson, A., 2003). Therefore, a civil suit would not turn out well for JetBlue, especially considering that they fired their employee. Perhaps, Jet Blue could put the customer on a do no fly list for a year because of her inappropriate behavior. 4) After further research I discovered that Ms. Amarsingh was terminated because she was a union activist (JetBlue Terminates Union Activist Flight Attendant After Assault by Passenger, 2007). Jet Blue didn’t even
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week3 - Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Ethical...

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