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Unformatted text preview: Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 March 20, 2009 Ethical Dilemma Chapter 8 1) When at work employees are working for the company, using company equipment, and maximizing or wasting company resources. It is in the firms best interest to ensure that employees are getting paid to be productive, not to take care of personal items. Although unethical, people often use the internet at work to not only buy things and surf the web, but also to search for other jobs. According to a poll from about 61% of users admitted to using the internet for non-work related research and activities (Carpenter, C.). According to the same material 57% of job seekers use the internet for job hunting, and 47% of employed workers, according to Yahoo!HotJobs, are currently looking for another job or will in the next 12 months (Carpenter, C.). So I dont think there is an ethical problem with firms monitoring and limiting access to the internet at work. 2) This issue has nothing to do with trust or the lack thereof. It is simple human nature to get bored with work or to want something else and the internet is one of the easiest portals to satisfy that need. Many employers, to want something else and the internet is one of the easiest portals to satisfy that need....
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