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Unformatted text preview: Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Ethical Dilemma Chapters 9-11 March 29, 2009 Chapter 9: 1) Businesses do not just have obligations to their shareholders and to the law, but also to general morals in society. It does not set a good example for society to conduct business in strip clubs. Proper ethical behavior isn’t just following the law. The law is the baseline and ethics should be set above the baseline (Fieser, J.). The meetings must stop. 2) While it may be an effective marketing tactic, it is unfair and intimidating to female clients and employees. Discrimination continues when businesses allow meetings to take place in the strip club, golf course, or hunting ranches because those in power will support others like them ( O’Donnell, J., 2006). 3) I agree. Good-old-boy traditions are not good for business, but for people who want to continue to take advantage of a biased system. This practice is not up to the ethical standards that businesses should be portraying and is, in fact, demeaning to women and boarders on sex discrimination 4) The company should not just refuse to reimburse the expenses, but should ban them altogether adding stiff penalties of unpaid leave or termination. 5) Taking the issue to Congress and outlawing the practice may be going too far. The point of the law is to protect citizens, but the point of ethics is to be above reproach. Setting the legal standard too high by involving the government is not the proper response. Too much government is also a problem in and of itself. 6) Why put your business in a position to appear to discriminate women? There are plenty of other places to hold meetings which can be sexually unbiased. Restaurants, resorts, and the board room are all places which can appropriately handle business matters.appropriately handle business matters....
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week5 - Jeremy Doncouse MGMT304 Ethical...

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