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1 Programming Languages CS 242 Autumn 2010 John Mitchell Course web site: join CS242 at CourseWare.Stanford.edu Backup: http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs242/ Course Themes Programming Language Concepts A language is a “conceptual universe” (Perlis) Framework for problem solving Useful concepts and programming methods Understand the languages you use, by comparison Appreciate history diversity of ideas in programmin Appreciate history, diversity of ideas in programming Be prepared for new programming methods, paradigms, tools Critical thought Identify properties of language , not syntax or sales pitch Language and implementation Every convenience has its cost Recognize the cost of presenting an abstract view of machine Understand trade offs in programming language design Language goals and trade offs Architect Programmer Compiler, Runtime environ- ment Tester Diagnostic Tools Programming Language Value of Language Concepts Ancient history I started programming in 1970’s Dominant language was Fortran; no recursive functions My algorithms and data structure instructor said: Recursion is a good idea even though inefficient You can use idea in Fortran by storing stack in array Today: recursive functions everywhere Moral Futuristic ideas may be useful problem solving methods now, and may
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0 intro - CS 242 Autumn 2010 CourseThemes...

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