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Prof. Jossianna Arroyo AFR 301 REVIEW EXAM #2 (FINAL) Spring 2010 Nell Painter’ s Creating Black Americans (Chapters 9 -15) Readings : Alain Locke, Du Bois, Schomburg, (1 Poem by Claude Mc Kay, Gwendolyn Bennet, Georgia Johnson), Martin Luther King, Malcom X, R. Ferguson, James Baldwin, Patricia Hill Collins, (films ):“Palante Siempre Palante” (The Puerto Rican Young Lords), “Black is Black Ain’t”, Marlon Riggs . I. Identify: 1) The New Negro 2) the great migration 3) Harlem Renassaince 4) Arthur A. Schomburg 5) Souls of Black Folk 6) Claude Mc Kay-“If We Must Die” 7) Georgia Douglas Johnson- “The Heart of a Woman” 8) Gwendolyn Bennett-“Sonnet #1” 9) Marcus Garvey 10)UNIA 11)The Great Depression, The New Deal 12)Works Progress Administration (WPA) 13) Double Vee Strategy 14)jazz, bebop 15)Brown vs. Board of Education 16) Montgomery bus boycott 17) sit-ins, freedom riders 18)Nation of Islam 19)Martin Luther King 20) Malcom X 21)Civil Rights legislation 22)Vietnam War 23) Lyndon B. Johnson 24) war on poverty 25) Watts riots (Los Angeles) 26) Black Power 27) Black Panthers 28)Young Lords Party 29) affirmative action 30)Afrocentrism 31)reparations movement 32) Hip-hop culture 33)intersectionality 34)queer of color critique 35)Katrina 36)Global racial formations II. Answer the following questions: 1) Who is the New Negro? How his/her mind has changed philosophically, psychologically, politically? (Alain Locke, “The New Negro”). 2) Why Arthur A. Schomburg writes that it is important to discover/recover African-Afro- Diasporic histories? (“The Negro Digs Up His Past”)?
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3) Describe the power (social, political, cultural) of the Fisk Jubilee Singers in Du Bois’ chapter in Souls of Black Folk. 4) What are some of the themes in Claude Mc Kay’s poem “If we must Die.” 5) Georgia Douglas Johnson poem “The Heart of a Woman” and Gwendolyn Bennet poem “Sonnet 1” explore the way romantic fantasies are for black women “the kiss of Death” and “heart breaking.” Why these women poets are critical of these love fantasies?
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REVIEW _2 - Prof Jossianna Arroyo AFR 301 REVIEW...

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