Review final - enterprise Describe the attitudes of African...

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16:14 REVIEW, EXAM #2 FINAL Claude McKay: ‘to live is to die’, to live in this country is a struggle Why are black women critical of love? Why is it not a reality in their life? Reality of being a working woman; critique of patriarchy  Patriarchy organizes itself around the desires of men; romantic fantasies are a part  of this realm Marcus Garvey Wanted to link the experiences of black people from the US, Caribbean, and Africa o From Jamaica (as well as Claude McKay); his experiences were different from  many AA; was a natural connection o Became problematic when he decided to meet with the leaders of the South to  discuss respect ,race, etc Forced into exile in London
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Unformatted text preview: enterprise Describe the attitudes of African American soldiers during WWI and how they differed during Vietnam & WWII* WWI : had hopes that the war abroad would give them the respect they deserve o Went to war, still mistreated o Opened up the perspectives of many soldiers to a more worldly view Langston Hughes poems: why fight wars abroad when we have a war right in the US? (war of racism) WWII/Vietnam: o Elijah Mohammed: objected Vietnam war, went to prison on religious grounds b/c killing was against his principles o Big movement of open opposition to the war during Vietnam Brown vs. Board (1954) Separate is NOT equal Separate educational is not constitutional Little Rock Central High...
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Review final - enterprise Describe the attitudes of African...

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