notes 5 - Inventory Size inventory management...

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23:59 just ‘cook’ it Taco Bell was hit hard by salmonella during outbreak; they put their company in  You need to decide which is best: Whataburger says to make best burger, will  raise its own cattle, etc How should you translate competitive strategy into supply chain objectives? Ex: dell used to manufacture computers; now buys parts from other companies  and stamps dell on it; realized can make better profit What are your customer’s needs? Supply Chain Performance When deciding what type of supply chain strategy you want, look @: Facilities Location, size, operations methodology Anytime you take on more of the supply chain, you spend more money (cheaper  to get others to do it)
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Unformatted text preview: Inventory Size, inventory management Transportation In-house/outsourced, mode, routing Information Purpose, availability, means Supply Chain Considerations (charts on ppt= bullwhip effect ) Effect can make prices go way up Bus analogy: when you’re in the back of the bus and hit a bump, ppl in back go flying Front of bus= retailer; back of bus= raw material supplier Go to buy iphone, att says they’re out; calls distributer to reorder 10 , then distributers call manufacturer and order about 20 for extra, manufacturer says have enough materials to make 40; order one end up getting a ton more Incremental, exponential increase of costs when you try to fill the needs of the supply chain 23:59 23:59...
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notes 5 - Inventory Size inventory management...

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