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notes 14 - Add Resources AND Change Structure...

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00:02 Business Processing Notation Symbols, notations, etc for documenting business info Object Management Group (OMG)  created  Business Process Modeling  Notation (BPMN) documenting business processes Uses symbols for activity, decision or gateway, data Swim-lane layout: each role is shown in its own horizon rectangle (used to  simplify process diagrams) Can change business performance by 3 ways: Adding Resources “brute-force” approach: add more ppl or equipment to existing way of doing  business Change Structure of a Process Change the steps/route of the process, but keep resources same
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Unformatted text preview: Add Resources AND Change Structure Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Service: repeatable task that a business needs to perform Each activity is modeled as a service, & interactions among them are governed by standards techniques When services are isolated, the logic behind their services is encapsulated (two different processes perform their tasks independently, neither of them knows how the other does their work; they only need to agree on how they will exchange & share their data w/each other) 00:02 00:02...
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notes 14 - Add Resources AND Change Structure...

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