FAD 2230 Chapter 5 notes

FAD 2230 Chapter 5 notes - 1 Why are we attracted to...

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1. Why are we attracted to particular people? a. Things that affect we like i. Your family b. How much do we care about how someone looks? c. What makes people attractive to us? i. Look 1. Distance between eyebrows 2. Earlobes ii. Common interest iii. Values/Belief system iv. Role values d. What characteristics do we want in a potential date? e. What do we sometimes like in a person without knowing why? 2. Attraction a. Physically attractiveness i. Initially important- more so for males ii. Couple attractiveness b. What makes a person good looking i. Cultures determine standards of beauty ii. Media speaks for the culture 1. Exaggerated standards 2. Lead many women to rate their bodies negatively iii. Standards change over time c. Other factors contributing to attraction i. Personality traits ii. Actions in specific situations
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1. In public 2. With friends iii. Factors out of our awareness 1. Freud a. One’s deficits are attractive to another person’s deficits 3. Dating a. Defined b. Rare in most of the non-Western world c. Customs vary greatly d. Began only recently in America
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FAD 2230 Chapter 5 notes - 1 Why are we attracted to...

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