FAD2230 Chapter 3 notes

FAD2230 Chapter 3 notes - Chapter 3 1. Important...

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Chapter 3 1. Important Distinctions a. Sex- who we are biologically- male or female b. Gender- personality traits and behavior that characterize an individual as masculine or feminine c. Gender Identities- a person’s personal, internal sense of maleness or femaleness, which is expressed in personality and behavior d. Gender roles- outward manifestations and expressions of maleness or femaleness e. Femininity/masculinity- personality and behavioral characteristics of a female/male according to culturally defined standards of femaleness/maleness f. Transgendered- people who feel their biological sex does not match their gender identities g. Transsexuals- a transgendered person who seeks to live as a member of the opposite sex with the help of hormones and surgery 2. What does society expect from us because we are male or female? a. We are expected to act like our gender from birth b. Different cultures hold different standards c. Society teaches us through i. Parents, media, school 3. Parents are our primary teachers; they teach by a. Modeling appropriate roles b. Conveying their attitudes and values i. Parental identification and modeling is the process by which the child adopts and
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FAD2230 Chapter 3 notes - Chapter 3 1. Important...

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