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FAD2230 Chapter 4 notes - Chapter 4 1 Demographics a...

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Chapter 4 1. Demographics a. Increase in never-married adults i. In 2003, 24.4% of US adults 18 years + were never married b. Racial differences i. 38.9 % African Americans 1. Higher death and incarceration rates in African American males ii. 30.9% Hispanics iii. 22.2% Whites c. Socio-demographics i. Age 1. 73% under 34 2. 25-29 rapidly rising ii. Race 1. Whites less satisfied with being single iii. Gender women healthier than men 2. Categories of singles a. Voluntary-temporary b. Voluntary stable i. Permanent c. Involuntary-temporary d. Involuntary-stable 3. Marital delay a. Most never married are only temporarily single b. 10.8% of males and 8.7% of females aged 44-54 years never married i. Percentage is rising
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c. Reasons for delay i. Attending college ii. Building career iii. Cohabitation allows for regular sex 1. Socially acceptable iv. Women form own identity 4. Reasons for remaining single a. Choice b. Fear i. Of divorce c. Lack of opportunity d. Financial circumstances 5. Advantages of being single
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FAD2230 Chapter 4 notes - Chapter 4 1 Demographics a...

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