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Unit 1 Bonus Questions 1. One of the most dramatic trends in marriage patterns over the decade has been the postponement of marriage to a later age. How does this impact the lives of couples, as well as society, in general? 2. Outline the basic trends in marriage rates, age at first marriage, birthrates and family size, employment of working mothers, and one-parent families. 3. Discuss how being brought up in a family in which the parents constantly criticize and express their disapproval might affect their children’s later marital relationships. 4. Along with carious stereotyped concepts of femininity, the text discusses two gender
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Unformatted text preview: norms that all women are expected to follow. Identify and describe each of these gender norms. Which of them is primary? 5. Identify and discuss the four social and economic factors involved in the increase in the number of people who delay marriage. 6. Trace the history of courtship from early America to the present day. 7. Summarize Sternberg’s view of the three components of love. 8. List the three attachment styles and how they correlate with adult romantic love....
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