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3 Family Developmental Tasks

3 Family Developmental Tasks - DEVELOPMENTAL TASKS I...

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DEVELOPMENTAL TASKS I. Married Couple/Establishment Phase 1. Establishing a home base in a place they call their own 2. Establishing mutually satisfactory systems for getting and spending money 3. Establishing mutually acceptable patterns of who does what and who is accountable to whom 4. Establishing a continuity of mutually satisfying sexual relationships 5. Establishing systems of intellectual and emotional communication 6. Establishing workable relations with relatives 7. Establishing ways of interacting with friends, associates, and community organizations 8. Facing the possibility of children and planning for their coming 9. Establishing a workable philosophy of life as a couple Ia. Expectant Family Stage 1. Arranging for the physical care of the expected baby 2. Developing new patterns for getting and spending income 3. Reevaluating procedures for determining who does what and where authority rests 4. Adapting patterns of sexual relationships to pregnancy 5. Expanding communication systems for present and anticipated emotional needs 6. Reorienting relationships with relatives 7.
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