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Week 5 Chapter 6 PPT

Week 5 Chapter 6 PPT - Remember that a crisis is generally...

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Remember that a crisis is generally a temporary sense of immobility. A family is not necessarily destroyed by a crisis. A family can recover although the family may be different after the crisis, as the family develops different coping mechanisms to get through the crisis. The definition of crisis explicitly states that you are immobilized. Therefore crisis is simply that: you either ARE or ARE NOT in crisis. When the pressure and stress levels begin to decrease, and the family is able to function again, they are said to be in recovery. Essentially there is a change in the A, B, or C of the ABC-X model. This can include reframing the stressor event and thinking of it in a different way or recognizing inherent stregnths in the family, which help them return to functioning levels. While the family may not operate exactly like it did before the crisis, the family has return to a functioning level that allows them to carry our necessary tasks.
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