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Shashi Patel Mr. Hans Dahl Eng 102 - 009 5/12/2007 “American Dream” the corrupted way =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The twentieth century was all about the “American Dream” and those who try to reach its corrupted version. The real definition of the “American Dream” is not having boat lodes of money and partying all one’s life. The “American Dream” is like having a fresh new world, where the idea of beauty, innocence, purity, goodness, and freedom are dominated. In the true “American Dream” A man lives for whatever that is ideally best and not materially best. Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, Willy Lomen in the Death of a salesmen, and Holden Caufield in Catcher in the rye, tried to live materially best and not ideally best. In other words they tried to reach the “American Dream” the corrupted way and that was the reason why they were destroyed. If a man tries to reach the corrupted version of the “American Dream” it traps man in to a society that is inimical to his true nature and eventually leads him to suffering if not out right destruction. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel The Great Gatsby is set in the “Roaring twenties” The “Roaring twenties” was the time of the “flapper age” it was the last time that people were happy. This point is supported by Robert Cowley when he asserts “Why are we Americans so endlessly fascinated by the Jazz Age? Is it because-as the social historians tell us the pre-depression Twenties were the time of out last happy fling, before the complexities of morden times intruded on our innocence.” (The Roaring twenties saddled America 1). In the novel the loss of innocence is apparent in Gatsby’s giving up his dream of experiencing the “wonder” of life and setting up Daisy who represents the sterile idol of wealth as the purpose of his existence, the “green light” which by definition he cannot grasp. As one reads the novel one can find out that Gatsby’s dream in the novel
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is to marry a super bitch named Daisy. Scott Fitzgerald supports this point when Jordan asserts I’m the Sheik of Araby. Your love belongs to me.
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Literature - Shashi Patel Mr. Hans Dahl Eng 102 - 009...

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