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Adoption Records edited - Patel 1 Shashi Patel Seema Kurup...

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Patel Shashi Patel Seema Kurup ENG 101, May 2, 2006 Adoption Records How would you feel if you were adopted? Would you feel like finding your birthparents, or do you feel as of like you shouldn't hurt the feelings of the parents who had adopted you when you were young? The only one who knows how it feels to be adopted is the person who is adopted because of the pain that person is going through. You might want to consider if you are against adoptee finding their real birth parents. You might want to consider some reasons for them to locate their both parents. One adoptee said, "Not knowing where I came from or what my ethnicity is has plagued my emotional life since I was a small child. In first grade, I ran out of class crying when the teacher announced a "family tree" assignment. When asked what the problem was, I replied, 'I have no family!" Another adoptee says,” I am a 31 yr. old adoptee, I was adopted at birth it was prearranged prior to my birth, my sister who is 3 yrs younger also a prearranged adoption at birth. ..actually we were picked up by our adopted parents around six to nine weeks but my understanding is I was never with my birth mother I was either in the hospital or at the agency until they came to get us" There are some many circumstances for each different case that it is hard to know where exactly I stand on this topic. Over all, I do not think that you should locate your biological parents. Every adoptee should know who his biological parents are because that way he can find out more about himself. For example, the child may not 1
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Adoption Records edited - Patel 1 Shashi Patel Seema Kurup...

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