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Patel 1 Kiran Patel Professor Thoreson English 101 June 29, 2007 Internet: Construction or Destruction Technology! What are technologies? Technologies are big aspects in our lives; television and internet are a part of it. Television is probably the most cost-effective medium that informs, educates, and entertains the general public around the world. Television was developed in the early 1900s, which various companies and individuals attempted to perfect the technology. Televisions were invented before the concept of internet was discovered, but today both are equally liked by teenagers. Today the Internet has also become an essential element of life for most people in the contemporary world, and children are not excluded. Because of the ubiquitous availability of Internet access in the schools and the libraries, children are increasingly becoming involved in this new technology. The Internet not only provides significant benefits for children, such as research access, socialization, entertainment, and a communication tool with families, but it also signifies negative aspects such as violence, pornography, hate sites, isolation, predators, and commercialism, which effects family life inadequately. Nowadays, teenagers! What to say about them? The rapid use of internet does develop negative consequences. Children become manner less. A mother of a teenager experienced that. She said: “When I got home I was really tired. So I asked Sarah to get me some cold water. She denied! And retorted back to me, she said, ‘Why don’t you ever
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Patel 2 leave me alone; let me complete my chatting with my friend. I don’t have time to go and get water for you.’ That statement of her shocked me and made me think that is this my baby Sarah!” Similarly, Marie Winn, said in her essay that, “the heavier viewers feel happy and satisfied, yet their family time is more passive and unchallenging ── less satisfying in reality” (par. 36), is absolutely right. Parents are challenged by their children regarding their behavior. Parents may look happy but internally they must be feeling miserable due to their children’s attitude towards them. Teens used the Internet more than adults. No surprise there. Most teens have more
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Internet - Patel 1 Kiran Patel Professor Thoreson English...

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