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Invention-a serious fun

Invention-a serious fun - Patel 1 Radhika Patel Professor...

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Patel 1 Radhika Patel Professor Thoreson English 101 June 29, 2007 Invention: Serious Fun What influence children? Is it technology or other sources? We never know. Today, technology plays an important part in everyone’s life. As we are totally into technologies, are we more free or less free by virtue of our technology? Apparently, the answer is yes and no. Depending on the use to which a technology is put, it can be either freeing or enslaving, or both at the same time. We are doomed to be dependent on technology as long as that technology is allowed to shape our world. Technology can be brainwashing; it is slowly taking over our lives and if we let it we will become prisoners of the technology world. If we become prisoners of technology, we may not have control over our actions, but most important thing is that we will not have control over our minds too. Basically, technologies are like drugs. They want to make people their slaves, and people unknowingly become too. So, technologies like TV, Internet, cell-phones, and others are meant to do the same. As we know that technologies are growing rapidly, thus their effects are also brisk. So, we should not let technology control our lives and the way we think. Technology control us, our lives can become miserable. We should rebel against the virtual cover that technology wants to put on us. Another negative effect is we can isolate ourselves if we let technology control us. If we sit at home and order everything that we
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Patel 2 need off the Internet we will not have the need to go outside. Like for example the TV commercials encouraging us to shop online because it is so easier. We will be unable to talk to each other. The only physical contact with others we will have is with the deliveryman dropping our orders off. Contact with others will only be on the phone and the Internet. Our own home will become our prison cells. These sort of homesick symptoms are mostly to be seen in children. Besides being at home children do not even
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