Journeytoheaven[1] - Patel 1 Kiran Patel Professor Thoreson...

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Patel 1 Kiran Patel Professor Thoreson English 101 July 16, 2007 Journey to Heaven “Ding-Dong.” “Kiran, answer the door,” my mother said sleepily while wiping her black eyes. “But ma, it’s eleven o’clock. Who the hell could it be?” I responded, not wanting to get up from the sunken-in brown couch in my living room. I was watching Bride and Prejudice and I was getting more and more enticed into the mediocre movie. “Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong.” “Kiraaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! Answer the damn door!” my mother exclaimed in a very shrill voice. I think she does not realize how loud her voice really is. “All right, all right,” I said reluctantly. I buzzed in the anxious person, and all I could hear were heavy feet pounding on the cracking stairs for three flights. I knew it was my sister, Darpan. I slammed the door in her face to annoy her as much as she annoyed me. Yet, that gesture did not faze her; I wondered why. Usually when that happened, her fist would greet some part of my body… but that did not happen. “Where’s mom?” she asked, gasping for air, very serious, and in a tone that was very much not like her. A few hours earlier, my whole family was at Breach Candy Hospital in India. My grandmother was sent into critical condition. She was in and out of the hospital
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Patel 2 repeatedly for almost three years. This was the worst she had ever gotten. She was in one of those white rooms that have glass doors and glass windows from floor to ceiling and
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Journeytoheaven[1] - Patel 1 Kiran Patel Professor Thoreson...

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