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Psychology 101-008 Dr. Helen Burroughs Article Research Paper April 15, 2010 We play with kids all the time and its fun to play with them but sometimes it makes us angry when they act opposite of what we tell them. When we think, we find it natural for kids to react different to society, but the question is what makes them act that way? In this research article “ Current Fear of Crime, Sense of Community, and Loneliness in Italian Adolescents: The Role of Autonomous Mobility and Play during Childhood,” submitted in the journal of community Psychology, two Psychologist Miretta Prezza and Maria Giuseppina Pacilli tried to find out how children’s early age experience has effect on their ability to get along with society. In their research showed in this article, they studied urban mobility and play in public spaces, sense of community, neighborhood relations, fear of crime, and feeling of loneliness. Observation of urban mobility and play in public spaces were used to measure the freedom of movement in childhood and degree of independence in this research. According to these researchers, children barely play outside now and even if they do play outside, they are being supervised. Sense of community was defined as a feeling that members have of belonging and being important to each other. According to McMillan and Chavis, there are four dimensions of sense of community: belonging, influence, integration and fulfillment of needs, and emotional connection. Neighborhood relations were defined as all social contacts at local level. The components of that were friendly behavior, exchange of material and nonmaterial help, and respect for privacy. Fear of crime was defined as familiarity with the surrounding environment as territoriality. Fear of crime mostly comes from distrust in a person, group, or
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Psy - Niren Thakkar Psychology 101-008 Dr. Helen Burroughs...

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