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The chrysanthemums - Jaymin Patel English 102 March 03,...

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Jaymin Patel English 102 March 03, 2008 Symbolism in The Chrysanthemums The story "The Chrysanthemums" gives me some idea about the symbolism and old generation. Throughout John Steinbeck's short story, Elisa Allen, which is the main character, is portrayed to be a strong, bright, energetic young woman who because of this tends to be very passionate about the things that mean the most to her. In this story, author discusses making our own assumptions regarding Elisa by using the different types of word combinations. "The Chrysanthemums" was written in 1934 by John Steinbeck, when the country was just begin to recover from the great depression. At that era, many people lost their jobs, banks collapsed, business folded, leading to factory closings and many more bad things were happenning because of the collapse of the New York Stock Market. The story opens with Elisa Allen, who is cutting down the spent stalks of chrysanthemums in the garden on her husband's ranch. In the whole story, John Steinbeck wrote about that little house only, which means that there were no neighbours around or they were living very far from the city area. It's kind of difficult for Elisa to go outside from her ranch. She just works in her garden the whole day growing different crops. Elisa's face was strong and lean and her eyes were clear as water. She loves to grow the crop of chrysanthemums for the year, but her husband Henry Allen does not understand her mind. He doesn't
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care about that crop, but he wants to make money with her great inborn skill. As we all know that women's role in the old generation was quite different from
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The chrysanthemums - Jaymin Patel English 102 March 03,...

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