To Sorrow to Vengeance

To Sorrow to Vengeance - Darpan Patel English-102 To Sorrow...

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English-102 To Sorrow to Vengeance “Operation Blue Star was a code name given by the Indian government to an attacked when launched on the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs.” ( “There are many reasons why the Indian government attacked the Golden Temple, but among them the main reasons of the attack was simply to destroy Sikhism at its roots.” ( You are probably thinking, why did I write all these quotes? The answer is; in the beginning of The Management of Grief , one of Shaila’s sons is telling her. “They’re acting evasive, Ma. They’re saying it could be an accident or a terrorist bomb.” (Mukherjee 1549) This quote of the story is the most important quote because it says a lot about the story and makes us ask a lot of questions. This quote tells us that a lot of people were killed, this makes us ask that why did the terrorist planted a bomb in that airplane. The story The Management of Grief is telling us how to discover a new life, it tells us about death, sorrow, vengeance, and to start a new life to love. In the beginning of the story Kusum say to Mrs. Bhave “That we can’t escape our fate… that all those people –our husbands, my boys, her girl with the nightingale voice, all those Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Parsis, and Atheists on that plane – were fated to die together off this beautiful bay.”(Mukherjee 1552) Kusum is a person who is not blaming any person or any culture for her family’s casualty. She is not angry about her family’s death she is
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To Sorrow to Vengeance - Darpan Patel English-102 To Sorrow...

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