Cockoaches - dont like dirty things or insects We get sick...

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JAYMIN PATEL COCKROACHES One day my friend, who had just entered my house, asked me, "Why do you have a stick in your hand?" Can you guess why? There was a cockroach in my room and I was trying to kill him. I was too afraid of cockroaches. When I see them, I just wanted to kill them. I cant sleep untill that. I really fear cockroaches. Firstly, the color and the action of the cockroaches are causes of my fear. The color is red-brownish around the body. They have 6-8 small legs which make them run fast. They always run away to a place where we dont see them. Not only can they run fast, but also they can fly too. This makes me afraid that they will fly on me and attack me. They are mostly found in the gutters, bathrooms, kitchens and outside in the garden too. We have to always alert with them. If I see them, I just cant sleep that night thinking of a small creepy insect. The second cause of my fear is that they are very dirty. They always live in a dirty area. Not only me, but also most of the people
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Unformatted text preview: dont like dirty things or insects. We get sick if we eat the food which was in the kitchen. They supplies bacteria or viruses everywhere. This makes us harmful diseases such as fever, sickness and many more if we live in this kind of area. The food was get dirt in it. We have to throw that food in the garbage. And finally they are sometimes poisonous. I read in the newspaper once about the cockroaches. I read that they have some kind of light blue liquid in their body. When they throw that liquid to someone's body, it feels very burning type of sensation to that person. I remember when I was small I wanted to hit cockroach, but it throws some kind of liquid fluid on my hand, and my skin is totally red like burning. In summary, cockroaches are terrible insects. There are three reasons for why they are terrible. They are very poisonous. They are very dirty too. Their color and action are disturbing....
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Cockoaches - dont like dirty things or insects We get sick...

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