Major difference in culture

Major difference in culture - Shashi Patel...

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                        Shashi Patel Writing V Monday sep. 26      The major Difference in Culture "What contributes culture?" is a universal question that must be respond. I think Culture is a human nature, the way of life of a people. Each culture differs from the rest because it deals with a different people in a different social environment and we have set the boundaries for that social environment. I immigrated to the United States in March 2004 so between last march 2004 and this September I had felt so many experiences between two vastly different cultures. I entered the life in the new country once the airplane arrived in O’Hare airport. The first week flew like one moment: new people, new surroundings, even the climate was different! All these things were interesting, but I was not surprised because I had prepared myself for that. Actually, it was not too hard – all people, who I have met, have been very nice and helpful, so the adaptation did not take too long. The best support was
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Major difference in culture - Shashi Patel...

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