Most Imp. Day of my life

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Shashi Patel Writing Essay # 1 9/17/05 The Most Important Day of My Life The most important day of my life had just happened recently. In this summer, the weekend of 4 th of July we went to tennnnsse in my cousin’s marriage. It all started out when some friends and I were bored. We wanted to do something that was fun and cool which also happened to be very bad. We decided we were going to fire some fireworks. Moreover, the fireworks in tennesse is legally so we don’t need to worry about that we’re going to break a law. Suddenley a really nice idea came in my mind about making a firecraker. My all friends agreeed with my idea. At first, we went to a hardware store.We went there and looked around for a long time, till we decided what we wanted to use in the firecracker. I watched a TV show the night before about bombs on discovery cannel. So when I told my friends what I watched then we decided to make pipe-bomb. We bought the pipe and went back to my house. Once we got back to my house we started assembling the bomb. I remember
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