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Ankit Shah Hum 105 Mr. Steele Examples of Postmodernism 1. Postmodernism and Education Web page article Key Postmodern Educational Concepts A key word to learn when trying to understand postmodern education is constructivism . Constructivism is the main underlying learning theory in postmodern education. The basic idea is that all knowledge is invented or "constructed" in the minds of people . Knowledge is not discovered as modernists would claim. In other words, the ideas teachers teach and students learn do not correspond to "Reality," they are merely human constructions. Knowledge, ideas and language are created by people, not because they are "true," but rather because they are useful. Reality is a story. All reality exists, not objectively--out there--but in the mind of those who perceive it. Nobody's version of reality can claim to have more objective authority because all versions are merely human creations. Teachers in Postmodern Education At least under postmodern theory we aren't guilty of an even worse crime according to postmodern scholar, Johnella Butler, who warns that "the colonization of minds is characteristic of American education." In other words, when dominant culture calls on minorities to speak classroom English, do math, history and science the white man's way, they have acted in the old colonial role, just like earlier Europeans who believed it was their responsibility to colonize non-white cultures and lands, imposing European standards, dress, religion and language on those cultures. Explanation Here According to today teachers help students to build their own knowledge. They think that knowledge was created in persons mind. Teaches don’t respond to the reality. Also they are claiming that everything that a human
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Humanities - Ankit Shah Hum 105 Mr Steele Examples of...

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