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Unformatted text preview: Niren Thakkar Humanities 105 Daniel Steel Darwin and the Idea of Evolution May 13 th , 2010 Darwin and the Idea of Evolution When framing the argument of origin, how do most people incorrectly frame the argument? What are the logical problems? What is the correct way to frame the argument? The origins debate is mostly refer to The Great Debate or the Evolution Creationism controversy which truly is a question about the origin of a life and humanities. It's the emotion- packed question of "Origins" -- why, how, and where did everything come from? In todays world we agree that the universe begun at some point but when it comes to why and how question of Origin, that is where the origin debate begins. It involves two basic theories which have their own different meaning and explanation to Origin. The first is the historical default - the Creation Model of Origins. Creationism is the belief that the universe was created by God exactly as recounted in the biblical Book of Genesis and there is some kind of a supreme being who is responsible for the origin of life. The second theory is the more recent, atheistic explanation - the Evolution Model of Origins. Evolution is a biological theory that explains the emergence, proliferation, and transformation of species, and the development of complex life forms from simpler ones, in terms of subtle changes over long periods. In terms of the argument of origin, people frame the argument from their point of view of such a question of origin. If a person is religious he or she will most likely to follow creationism as their answer to the question of origin and philosophy. People tend to take that as the ultimate answer (either side) of the fundamental question without looking at the other side of the argument. Both the theories are logically wrong and contradict themselves so in a sense neither theory is right. Both theory fails to give definite and finite answer to the question and both the theories are just based on belief with no scientific proves. Creationism believes that God created universe and brought life but no one has any evidence of that being true. Evolution, on the other hand, is considered a scientific theory which also fails to find empirical evidence. Evolution theory violates first and second laws of thermodynamics which states that you cannot get something from nothing. The theory of evolution states that human life originated after evolving from a single cell life which is kind of incomplete and unclear to understand. If one claims that the evolution is the answer than how did a single cell originated from a non living thing which also violates a law in biology. Thus, evolution (just like creationism) does not provide a satisfactory answer to the question of origin; both the theories should be equally honored. I believe that if one were to show the argument of the origin, both sides of the argument should be equally presented with neglecting the fact that creationism involves religious belief. creationism involves religious belief....
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Niren Thakka3 - Niren Thakkar Humanities 105 Daniel Steel...

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