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Unformatted text preview: ATATRK'S PRINCIPLES - KEMALISM Atatrk 's principles can be summed up in six fundamentals called "Six Arrows": Republicanism: The Kemalist reforms represent a political revolution; a change from the multinational Ottoman Empire to the establishment of the nation state of Turkey and the realisation of national identity of modern Turkey . Kemalism only recognises a Republican regime for Turkey . Kemalism believes that it is only the republican regime which can best represent the wishes of the people. Populism: The Kemalist revolution was also a social revolution in term of its content and goals. This was a revolution led by an elite with an orientation towards the people in general. The Kemalist reforms brought about a revolutionary change in the status of women through the adoption of Western codes of law in Turkey , in particular the Swiss Civil Code. Moreover, women received the right to vote in 1934. Atatrk stated on a number of occasions that the true rulers of Turkey were the peasants. This was actually a goal rather than a reality in Turkey . In fact, in the official explanation given to the principle of populism it was stated that Kemalism was against class privileges and class distinctions and...
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