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Baden-Württemberg Extremely diverse landscapes – state-of-the-art industry. Baden-Württemberg has some of the Federal Republic’s most scenic countryside. The Black Forest is one of the most popular recreation areas in Germany. Lake Constance, the exceedingly varied valleys of the Rhine, Danube and Neckar rivers, the rugged Swabian Jura, the gentle Markgräfler Land and the striking hilly Kaiserstuhl region in the Upper Rhine Plain (famous for its wine) are popular holiday resort areas. Every year more tourists come to Baden-Württemberg than the state has inhabitants. Baden-Württemberg is an important business and industrial location as well; global companies such as Daimler- Chrysler, Bosch, Porsche, SAP and IBM have their headquarters here. The state’s economic strength is manifest, for instance, in the fact that the volume of its exports is nearly equal to that of Spain, Sweden or Singapore and that it exports more than any other German state. This is attributable not only to the productivity of large-scale industry: Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses manufacture highly specialized products which are in demand all over the world. The people of Baden- Württemberg are born tinkerers – their ingenuity is legend. Thanks to the state’s mild climate, cultivation of special crops such as ornamental plants, hops and tobacco is also possible in addition to traditional agriculture. Investing in the future.
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Baden-Württemberg - BadenWrttemberg...

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