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ME 3701, Materials of Engineering, LSU 1 Experiment: Mechanical Testing- Tensile Testing Objective The primary objective of this investigation is to conduct a standard tensile test for determining the stress-strain behavior of a material sample (mild steel or aluminum) and to analyze the results of the tensile test to find the mechanical/material properties of the sample. Abstract The mechanical properties of a material are directly related to the response of the material when it's subjected to mechanical stresses. Since characteristic phenomena or behavior occur at discrete engineering stress and strain levels, the basic mechanical properties of a material are found by determining the stresses and corresponding strains for various critical occurrences. A wealth of information about a material's mechanical behavior can be determined by conducting a simple tensile test in which a cylindrical or flat specimen of uniform cross-section is pulled until it ruptures or fractures into separate pieces. The original cross sectional area, A o , and gage length, l o , are measured prior to conducting the test and the applied load and gage displacement are continuously measured throughout the test using computer-based data acquisition. Based on the initial geometry of the sample, the engineering stress-strain behavior (stress-strain curve) can be easily generated from which numerous mechanical properties, such as yield strength and elastic modulus, can be determined. Universal testing machines, which can be hydraulic or screw based, are generally utilized to apply the test displacement/load in a continuously increasing (ramp) manner according to ASTM specifications.
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