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Table of Characteristic IR Absorptions m=medium, w=weak, s=strong, n=narrow, b=broad, sh=sharp frequency, cm –1 bond functional group 3640–3610 (s, sh) O–H stretch, free hydroxyl alcohols, phenols 3500–3200 (s,b) O–H stretch, H–bonded alcohols, phenols 3400–3250 (m) N–H stretch 1˚, 2˚ amines, amides 3300–2500 (m) O–H stretch carboxylic acids 3330–3270 (n, s) –C C–H: C–H stretch alkynes (terminal) 3100–3000 (s) C–H stretch aromatics 3100–3000 (m) =C–H stretch alkenes 3000–2850 (m) C–H stretch alkanes 2830–2695 (m) H–C=O: C–H stretch aldehydes 2260–2210 (v) C N stretch nitriles 2260–2100 (w) –C C– stretch alkynes 1760–1665 (s) C=O stretch carbonyls (general) 1760–1690 (s) C=O stretch carboxylic acids 1750–1735 (s) C=O stretch esters, saturated aliphatic 1740–1720 (s) C=O stretch aldehydes, saturated aliphatic 1730–1715 (s) C=O stretch α , β –unsaturated esters 1715 (s) C=O stretch ketones, saturated aliphatic 1710–1665 (s) C=O stretch α , β –unsaturated aldehydes, ketones
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Unformatted text preview: 16801640 (m) C=C stretch alkenes 16501580 (m) NH bend 1 amines 16001585 (m) CC stretch (inring) aromatics 15501475 (s) NO asymmetric stretch nitro compounds 15001400 (m) CC stretch (inring) aromatics 14701450 (m) CH bend alkanes 13701350 (m) CH rock alkanes 13601290 (m) NO symmetric stretch nitro compounds 13351250 (s) CN stretch aromatic amines 13201000 (s) CO stretch alcohols, carboxylic acids, esters, ethers 13001150 (m) CH wag (CH 2 X) alkyl halides 12501020 (m) CN stretch aliphatic amines 1000650 (s) =CH bend alkenes 950910 (m) OH bend carboxylic acids 910665 (s, b) NH wag 1, 2 amines 900675 (s) CH oop aromatics 850550 (m) CCl stretch alkyl halides 725720 (m) CH rock alkanes 700610 (b, s) C CH: CH bend alkynes 690515 (m) CBr stretch alkyl halides...
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