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Critical Analysis of Experimental Procedures and Levels of Accuracy C hem F actsheet September 2002 Number 42 1 To succeed in this topic you need to: be familiar with the concepts raised in Factsheet 36 (Laboratory Chemistry – Continuous Practical Assessment) and the other Factsheets mentioned in this topic; have a copy of your AS/A2 specification so that you can refer to the specifics on ‘evaluation and interpretation of practical results’. After working through this Factsheet you will: have met a range of issues about ‘accuracy’ relating to practical work; know the appropriate level of accuracy for practical results; be able to calculate ‘percentage errors’. AS/A2 specification requirements The specifications list the following under ‘Interpretation and evaluation of experimental results’: The ability to: (1) evaluate critically experimental work i.e. experimental error, anomalous results, suggest improvements. (2) assess how reliable data is and the conclusions drawn from it (3) recognise the limitations of various techniques (4) calculate experimental error Laboratory practical work Although it is not possible to cover all the specific practical situations that you may be presented with in an examination question, we can, however, put experimental work into broad categories: (1) Test on compounds – if you do this test and the substance reacts like this what can you tell about the substance? To answer questions on this type of situation you need to learn the specific
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8303122-042-Critical-Analys-Experi - Chem Factsheet...

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