8303180-60-Summary-of-Organic-Tests - Chem Factsheet

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Laboratory Chemistry: Summary of Organic Tests Number 60 1 C hem F actsheet www.curriculumpress.co.uk Before reading through this Factsheet you should: Have gained practical experience of organic chemistry tests and preparations. Have a good understanding and knowledge of organic functional groups and their reactions. After working through this Factsheet you will be able to: Give reagents, conditions and expected observations when carrying out chemical tests for common organic functional groups; Use this information in a practical or written exam situation. Chemical testing is still commonly used in school laboratories for simple organic analysis because: The use of expensive modern spectroscopic equipment is not required; It provides excellent opportunities to improve practical skills, such as making observations and inferences. Knowledge and understanding of common organic tests are required in practical and written examinations. The aim of this Factsheet is to provide a summary of these tests, which candidates should be able to recall. C C Group: Alkenes (and other unsaturated hydrocarbons) Test: Addition of bromine solution. Observation: Orange bromine solution decolourises. Notes: CH 2 =CH 2 + Br 2 + H 2 O CH 2 BrCH 2 OH + HBr Reference Factsheet 16 C Cl C Br C I Group: Halogenoalkanes Test: Warm with NaOH (aq). Add HNO 3 (aq) until just acidic. Add AgNO 3 (aq) dropwise. Observations: Chloroalkanes- White precipitate, soluble in dilute ammonia solution. Bromoalkanes- Cream precipitate, soluble in concentrated ammonia solution. Iodoalkanes- Yellow precipitate, insoluble in concentrated ammonia solution. Notes:
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8303180-60-Summary-of-Organic-Tests - Chem Factsheet

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