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Comparing Networks - CAN even if they are also part of...

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Running head: COMPARING NETWORKS 1 Comparing Networks Tiffany Altvater CIS 105 8122010 John Pitron
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COMPARING NETWORKS 2 Comparing Networks The different types of networks that are used by society include a LAN, WAN, CAN, MAN, and HAN. The type of network called a LAN is a Local Area Network and is a data communication system that link one computer in a certain area meaning a building, floor, or department of a corporation together so that each computer linked to the LAN shares the same resources and/or information. The next type of network used is called a WAN and this type of network links to LANs or mainframe computers systems together over and expanded amount of land or space. The networks that are referred to as CAN describe a Campus Area Network; this network is used to link together school campuses, or other organizations that run on the same principals as a school system. An office or department of the school or organization can be part a
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Unformatted text preview: CAN even if they are also part of their own separate LAN. The network type known as a MAN is a Metropolitan Area Network, this network type is used to link several corporation LANs together into larger data sharing networks. The MAN is usually a high-speed data sharing connection linking regional corporations together, a MAN is not usually owned by one corporation but is maintain through an outside entity. MAN systems can also be used to link different WAN systems together. The final network types is known as a HAN and is a Home Area Network, this network type allows a person to link together their personal digital devices. HAN can be used to link several devices such as multiple computers, printer systems, telephones, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, and just about any other “smart device” in your home together....
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