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Assignment multicult - Running head: ASSIGNMENT...

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT MULTICULTURAL SCENARIO 1 Assignment multicultural scenario Tiffany Altvater AED 200 9/12/2010 Kelly Flemm
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ASSIGNMENT MULTICULTURAL SCENARIO 2 Assignment Multicultural Scenario At Happy Valley Elementary I am a second-grade teacher of 21 students. Language Arts and Social Studies are the two subjects we learn in the classroom, all of my students are special some just might need some extra help being able to keep up with the others. I have the classroom set up so that there are four groups of five and one group of six; the group that contains six has a student that may need a little more help because of a wheelchair handicap, there is also one student in every group that is identified as special needs. I have them grouped so that no one has the same ethnicity and so that they will learn to share no matter what the other person looks, acts or talks like. My students will have to learn that nobody should be called names or picked on if they are a know it all or if they don’t have enough money to get all the
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Assignment multicult - Running head: ASSIGNMENT...

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