HE-ENG101 - Healthy eating, and wait it means for you....

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Healthy eating, and wait it means for you. According to Wit weight loss (2008), "At least one third of adults will be classified as obese by 2020” (Obesity Facts and Figures , para. 50).Even though most people think that in order to eat healthy you must spend more money and time on a meal, it is possible to eat healthy foods when cooking all types of cuisines. Healthy eating is important if you want to live a long happy life and, it is easy to change an unhealthy meal to one that is satisfying and nutritious. In this essay, you will find facts about health and the positive effect healthy eating can have. I will also include a section on different dishes from different cultures that can be made healthily while also remaining affordable and simple to prepare. During this essay I would also like to point out that healthy eating is a choice that is scientifically proven to be able to not only extend the span of your life, but to also improve upon the quality of the life you live. Finally I will provide different resources to help make the transition to eating healthier easy and fun. Eating healthy is not easy, every food venue available in today’s society offers processed, fatty, artery clogging, yet some how delicious foods that are quick and easy to consume. My question to you is have you ever really taken the time to think about what you are putting in your body? Every day we must feed our bodies, and every day millions of people chose to ignore what their bodies are truly hungry for and go for something quick and simple. But that microwavable breakfast that you just shoved down your throat is high in processed sugars, and empty calories, instead of helping your body during its
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time of need you may have just made it worse. Some of the health problems that have
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HE-ENG101 - Healthy eating, and wait it means for you....

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