aedcheck - academically successful if schools were able to...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: STUDENTS’ SOCIAL CHALLENGES 1 Checkpoint: Students’ Social Challenges Tiffany Altvater AED 200 9/7/2010 Kelly Flemm
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CHECKPOINT: STUDENTS’ SOCIAL CHALLENGES 2 Checkpoint: Students’ Social Challenges Students face a number of societal issues outside of the classroom in this day and age. Every year more students have difficulty focusing and being academically successful. One of the societal issues that many of students face is peer pressure. Students face pressure from their peers to be part of social clicks and even violent gangs. Students are pressured to do drugs and do things that are legally immoral. Classrooms are overflowing with students who are socially driven to be something more than they are, students are constantly facing the difficult task of fitting in with the in crowd an staying on top. I believe that many students would become more
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Unformatted text preview: academically successful if schools were able to provide more resources to their students. These resources could include more social organizations that are run through the school and maybe even breaking down popular activities into smaller groups that offer a greater chance of individual recognition and social success. I also think that students need more adults that they can trust and depend upon to guide them in directions that will make them better people now and forever. In conclusion many students could benefit from schools becoming a place of security and guidance. Schools should be able to provide a student with anything that they may need in order to lead a life that will allow them to focus solely on their academics....
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aedcheck - academically successful if schools were able to...

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