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Check point Journal - means when the state awards funding...

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Running head: CHECK POINT JOURNAL RESPONSE 1 Check point Journal response Tiffany Altvater AED 200 9/21/2010 Kelly Flemm
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CHECK POINT JOURNAL RESPONSE 2 Check point Journal response There are many debated issues when it comes to Texas legislature and the “improvements” to education that they proposed. The first issue that many taxpayers have complained of would be the funding of public, private, and church based schools. Taxpayers complained that they are being over taxed in many revenues of their daily lives, while the state department complains that they still need even more tax dollars to fund the schools properly. Another issue that has been raised because of state legislature is over test related funding, which
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Unformatted text preview: means when the state awards funding based upon how well a school preformed on standerized testing. It is widely believed that these standardized tested should show which schools need more help not less. Many parents and teachers would like to see the state legislature extend a helpful hand to the students who have a harder time with the learning process and fewer funded programs that award the students who are already excelling. Texas legislature has had many disagreements with the taxpayers, but I think the system still works and with a few minor adjustments to policy everyone could come out winners....
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Check point Journal - means when the state awards funding...

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