InterpersonalIntelligence - traits are reflected through...

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Interpersonal Intelligence Interpersonal intelligence means that a persons who excels in this type of intelligence will tend to be good at understanding, interacting, and communicating with other people. People who possess strong interpersonal intelligence tend to be proficient at assessing the motivations, emotions, intentions, and desires of those around them. Sites to Reference Interpersonal Intelligence - Multiple Intelligences ../ss/multiple-intell_7.htm Interpersonal Intelligence intelligence s/ interpersonal / Interpersonal Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence interpersonal Utilization of these sites The first site mentioned in the “Sites to reference” section of this assignment provided me with a solid foundation of what Interpersonal Intelligence means and what personality
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Unformatted text preview: traits are reflected through this intelligence. The second site that I referenced during my research was s/ interpersonal / while reading over this site I found information that matched the facts that I had read on the first site and a few remarks that I felt were unjustified or unreasonable, this site made claims that people who possess this type of intelligence are good people who thrive socially, I feel that these types of observations are loosely based facts that would be difficult to prove. The other two sites listed re-enforces a lot of the well published facts and observations associated with the concept of Interpersonal intelligence. reflect on personal meaning of information, study in quiet settings, visualize information/ keep a journal, Imagine experiments...
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InterpersonalIntelligence - traits are reflected through...

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