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Kane : with one purpose only: to point out and make public the dishonesty, the downright villainy, of Boss Jim  W. Gettys' political machine This Line is an example of Ad hominen : Attacking a person rather than attacking an argument, I think this line may also be Begging the question : Circular reasoning in which a claim is given that suggests a conclusion I made no campaign promises, because until a few weeks ago I had no hope of being elected. This line is an example of Scapegoating : Blaming a group or a person for a problem Now, however, I have something more than a hope. And Jim Gettys -- Jim Gettys has something less than a  chance. Every straw vote, every independent poll shows that I'll be elected. Now I can afford to make some  promises! This line is an example of Alliteration : The same consonant sound repeated in a number of words in a sentence may be a little Ad hominen : Attacking a person rather than attacking an
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