Communicating in forums can be difficult

Communicating in forums can be difficult - read not only...

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Communicating in forums can be difficult, it is not always easy to think of the proper way to express ones thoughts. When communicating in an area where many different people will be listening to you, a person should consider their words carefully, and express your ideas in a way that everyone can relate to. When someone is addressing ideas that pertain to humanity in any shape or form, they should try not to use words that segregate or exclude through race, gender, origin, or culture. When you exclude a person by attacking their fundamental core it stop their ability to listen and retain, your point will be entirely lost due to the mere mention of one or two wrong words. When communicating in forums you must try to become familiar with the people you will be communicating. Getting to know people in an online environment can be difficult so you should pay attention to detail, for example; when reading someone’s response you should try to
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Unformatted text preview: read not only their words but their emotions, if that is possible. Another way to get to know a person through an online environment is to read over their responses often, instead of jumping from new person to new person every week maybe try reading the same person’s for two weeks then switch and rotate back to them. In conclusion if you want to avoid awkard moments when communicating in forums my first suggestion is become familiar with the forums themselves. My second suggestion, for communicating in forums, is to become familiar with the other parties in the forum. My third and final suggestion for communicating effectively in forums is to avoid discriminating language. I believe following these simple steps would help anyone become more effective when communicating in forums....
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