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Unformatted text preview: All computer owners should have some sort of security program for their computer at all times. There are many ways to keep your computer safe. Im going to go through a few ways that I have kept my computer safe. Many business or complexes have unsecured networks or have Wi-Fi for their customers. There are also important things to know about safe websites to save your information and password in and what to watch for so that you dont mistake a save server for a phony one. I will also include the next steps I am going to take to improve my personal computer. I really didnt know what means to take to make sure I was protected from the cyber world at first, there was of course a protection system installed on the computer for virus, scamming, and hackers. Knowing that nothing is 100% safe or protected on any website I knew not to input or save any personal information such as bank records, passwords, phone numbers, address, etc. There are security programs that you can purchase at any retail store that sells computer accessories, the computer techs that work...
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